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Wilderness Survival for Girls

In this unpredictable and shocking coming-of-age story, three high-school girls on a weekend getaway impulsively take a menacing trespasser captive when he shows up at their remote mountain cabin. Fueled by desperation, alcohol and a childhood story about a mountain murder, Ruth, Deb and Kate endure a long, terrifying night with their captive before it all erupts in a dramatic and deadly end. Shot on location in the spectacular Colorado Rocky Mountains, Wilderness Survival for Girls uses edge-of-your-seat suspense to explore the conflicting inner lives of teenage girls as the boundaries of their friendship, their secret desires and their newfound taste for cruelty are tested

  • Eli B. Despres


  • Jeanette Brox
  • Megan Henning
  • Ali Humiston
  • James Morrison
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